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To raise awareness and bring relief to the disabled in Haiti.

Hati's disabled

This is an effort to bring hope to our disabled neighbors,   in Haiti, who  have been afflicted by the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. Samarita Ministries, Inc. is delighted to assist Yvelot Brianvil in this mission.  Yvelot, himself, is a survivor who lost the use of his legs after a neighbor's house fell on him. His testimony of faith, determination and perseverance is life-changing and Yvelot has used his experience to become an advocate for those suffering in Haiti. He is the founder of "The Brotherhood  Association, Yvelot for the Handicapped", which seeks to provide basic products of daily living and durable medical equipment for those in need. In the future, it is also his hope to address the issue of accessability, which remains a major problem in Haiti relative to a large disabled population in need.

Although over one hundred thousand lives were lost, the real darkness facing many was surviving and reajusting to life physically disabled--especially in a country not at all prepared to provide much assistance.  Many of those were children at that time, but are now young adults with little opportunity of self-sufficiency.  Many are in need of medical devices just for basic mobility.  Grassroots programs don't have enough resources to assist those who desperately need services.

Sophia Faldonie, a blind Haitian immigrant, is helping in this mission and states: " I am grateful to be in the U.S. where services are available to teach disabled people, such as myself,  to live independently, to further my education by attending college and become a productive member of society. Things the disabled take for granted here in the U.S. are only a distant hope for those in Haiti.  A white cane for the blind, crutches, wheelchairs, training programs, etc...are all desperately needed, but sometimes it's just a meal for the day that is most appreciated."

As a physical therapist, as a Haitian and founder of Samarita Ministries, I understand too well the agonizing, daily struggles faced by the disabled in Haiti. I am hopeful that you will be touched to  share this information with as many people as possible. 

Please help. Your donation will go directly to those in need-- to bring some hope to the growing disabled population in Haiti.

Thank you very much and God bless you.

Maryse Nelson

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