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We Believe:

Motivation + Education = EMPOWERMENT

Our Core Values

We believe in God. We believe in family. We believe in community. We believe in honesty, truth, integrity. We believe we are KEEPERS of one another.

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Maryse Nelson, LPT, MBA

 I am a practicing Physical Therapist and Business Consultant with years of experience. My goal is to help individuals live better and happier.


“I am grateful for my experience and success in healthcare and business. I am equally thankful for  the  gifts of compassion, love of people and a strong determination to succeed in every endeavor. I have always believed in the continual process of self-improvement and in utmost dedication to professionalism.  As a result, I have been humbly used to positively impact the lives of many dear friends. My intention, moving forward, is to continue to build strong relationships and help as many individuals as possible.”


Samarita Global Outreach/Maryse Nelson

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